Procter & Gamble HUMAN RESOURCES - Associate HR Manager - Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A Human Resources practitioner is responsible for building people and leadership capability, developing an adaptive and competitive organization and creating a productive environment to deliver increased business results and competitive advantage for the Company. To fulfill this responsibility, the HR Manager plays four roles: Business Partner, Change Agent, Employee Champion, and Administrative Expert.

As business partner, the HR practitioner works with business leaders to create business strategies, deploy them to the organization, and create the environment and systems needed to support their delivery. As change agent, the HR practitioner works with business units driving change and managing transformation as part of creating a culture needed to deliver our business strategies and ultimately competitive advantage. As administrative expert, the HR practitioner delivers fundamental work processes of HR to ensure people across the Company are not distracted, and operations are not disrupted by important issues related to plans, policies, or complex work associated with corporate programs. And finally, as champion of employees, the HR practitioner works to support, develop, enable, and empower people in P&G to create the environment for productivity and satisfaction.

A new practitioner in HR typically gets assignments in recruiting, enrollment planning, training, relocation, employee communication, and plans and benefits to develop his/her expertise in the different HR processes. As he/she gets more experience the scope and complexity of assignments gets bigger. In any assignment, however, the four HR roles described above, are expected to be played.

Just so you know: * P&G offers a career, not a job. Candidates will be evaluated based on their competencies. Related working experience is-not-a-must for us. * You will start working at P&G Head Office in Hochiminh City. However, please also expect to be mobile and ready to relocate either inside or outside Vietnam per business needs. * All qualified applicants will proceed to next step based on their application status. * Financial support is provided for candidates who need to relocate for the job.

We're looking for candidates with below qualities: * Ability to work and communicate well with others - All assignments in HR require working with people and having genuine interest in employees. The ability to collaborate and communicate with them effectively will help the HR practitioner be successful. This will also help HR practitioners build credibility and influence with members and leaders of the organization they work in. * Genuine interest in business - In order for the new HR practitioner to be a successful Business Partner, he/she should have a basic understanding of and interest in the business of the Company. This means understanding the strategies, objectives, measures, competitors, and customers. One cannot give advice, make recommendations, or contribute with competence and credibility without business knowledge. Although this takes development and experience, the new practitioner should exhibit the desire and interest to learn more about the business and have a basic understanding of fundamental business processes. * Basic understanding of organization theories and models - The HR practitioner needs this to be able to assess the organization and recommend changes to improve organization systems and culture. This will also help him/her later on to be able to drive and manage transformations that are needed to make the organization adaptive and competitive. How to Apply? 1. Click on “Apply” button to apply online and take the online assessment 2. Take the Offline Reasoning Test 3. Pass the Resume Screening in the Function you are applying for 4. Pass the Comprehensive Interviews in the Function you apply for Tips for Resume?

Your resume should be 2 pages maximum and contain the following information: * Your complete name and contact details, university and degree, year of graduation * Academic history and key results, including GPA and any other scholastic achievements * Your top 3-5 leadership experiences and achievements to date. Include 2-3 sentences to describe your specific role, the interventions you made and results achieved * Other relevant projects, research work, competitions, business ventures, athletic organizations, or internship experiences you have been part of.

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Job: Human Resources

Title: HUMAN RESOURCES - Associate HR Manager - Vietnam

Location: VN-Ho Chi Minh City-Ho Chi Minh City

Requisition ID: HR 00003044